My Warrior Fast Schedule

Setting an ideal IF schedule can be tricky. And to be honest, it's much trickier for me with the 20/4 protocol. I had to consider my workout time, when to take my protein, and settle with only warrior fasting 6 days a week. But eventually, I found a schedule that worked. I don't know how much of a help my schedule would be to you, but I've noticed many asking about it online. So, here's mine at your disposal.


7am - Get up and head to work.
9am - Kickstart day, while halting stomach growls, with coffee.
1pm - Curb midday hunger with sencha (powdered green tea).
5:30pm - Break fast with protein shake (30g of protein).
6:30pm - Weight-train for 45-65 minutes, incorporating cardio once a week.
7:30pm - Meal of the day consisting of vegetables, more protein, minimal carbs, and homemade coconut oil chocolate.
9:30pm - Close feeding window with fruits.

*On Thursdays and Fridays - family sit down dinner nights - I eat my main meal before my workout.


6 Ways To Combat Overeating

Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor. These tips are what I use to tackle the impulse of overeating during intermittent fasting. What you'll find below are in regards to intermittent fasting, and unrelated to medical conditions such as binge eating disorder.  

Overeating is a common problem among intermittent fast-ers. There'll come a time when we trick ourselves into believing we can eat a whole lot, in a short period, because fasting will balance off what we're about to consume. We believe, with the evidence of results, that fasting will counter our bad habits. But let's face reality - fasting isn't a free pass to unhealthy eating. And if we continue to buy into the idea that it is, we could possibly develop an eating disorder. Wouldn't that make us worse off than before?

Personally, I'm no stranger to binging. After a month of intermittent fasting, I began consuming more food than usual. While on a 3 meal a day plan, I had better control over food portions a…

The Warrior Fast - What, How, Why?

Yes, the warrior fast, commonly known as the warrior diet.

The reason why I use 'fast', instead of 'diet', is because I dislike the latter word. Also, I'm adopting the fasting protocol and not the original diet itself. So despite interchangeable terms, there's actually a difference. 'What' you ask?


This diet isn't an intermittent fasting protocol per se. Instead, it's 20 hours of under-feeding and 4 hours of over-feeding. During the under-feeding hours, you're allowed to consume small portions of fruits, nuts, vegetables, and protein to curb the hunger pangs. Then, when you break fast, you'll have to follow an eating order of vegetables, proteins, and carbohydrates. There're also food combinations to avoid - only proteins and vegetables can be eaten with anything, while nuts and fruits, and grains and fruits, cannot go together.

The warrior diet has a handful of rules to follow. And after reading up on them, it seems…

The IF Results You've Been Waiting For!

What an over-dramatic title, huh?

Well, I'm back! I had a great 11 days away from reality, downing ramen and sweet treats while on a flexible IF protocol. To be honest, it's actually difficult to stick to a set fasting and feeding window. With an itinerary involving long distance traveling, I couldn't actually predict meal times. I was also on the road with my family and needed to feed while they fed. Therefore, my fasting window changed daily, from 14 hours to 16 hours - sometimes 18 hours. Also, almost everyday of the trip, I broke fast with ice-cream (#noregrets).

In terms of physical activity, it was below my usual. I'm a writer/editor - my day job requires sitting at a desk - and my weight-training makes a huge difference. During the trip, I did zero weight-training and spent about 25 hours in the car. Despite completing a few hiking trails, and approximately 30km of cycling, I was definitely not working as hard as I'm used to.

So, with all that said, let'…

Why I'm Quitting 'Fitness'

*click-bait title is click-bait*

Let's be honest, I'm not quitting fitness for life. Come on, why would I waste all my hard work? However, I am putting it on hiatus for two weeks - this and the next. In fact, this is a scheduled post. And to answer the question of why? Well, I'm on vacation.

I'm away for eleven days on a self-guided tour around Hokkaido. It's a trip I've been planning since last year. Finally, the time has come! I'm also using this break to put intermittent fasting to the test. I've taken my body composition reading the morning of my flight, and will take another reading when I return.

Many have said IF is sustainable and beneficial when on vacation. I certainly believe it's sustainable - being an eating pattern. But, I'd like to see if it's truly beneficial. Whenever I go on vacation, I always return a kilogram heavier (of mostly fat). This often makes me feel like I'm working out for a vacation - that my routine isn…

Jump Rope Training... For Fun!

Back in 2014, I experimented with the skipping rope (as we call it here). I designed my own regime using only the rope, and worked my way to 2000 skips a day. As skipping rope is low impact, it provides a great cardio session without taxing the knees. A skipping rope is also an inexpensive equipment. So, if you're new to exercising and have no idea where to start, I recommend skipping.

- 100 side-to-side skips
- 100 front-to-back skips
- 50 single (right) leg skips
- 50 single (left) leg skips
- 100 high-knee skips

- 10 single leg push-ups
- 15 sets of renegade rows (with 3kg dumbbells)
- 10 sets of plank oblique twists

This whole combo counted as one giant set. I started off with three giant sets and increased to five giant sets, for six days a week. Now, you probably have questions. So let me try to guess them:

1. Were there results? Yes, there were. Did I tabulate them? Unfortunately, no. Even if I did, they're probably gone by now.

2. H…

3 Ways To Cut Sugar

As many have mentioned, health starts in the kitchen. Yes, exercise does wonders to the body. But without healthy eating, one wouldn't see any change. We all know this. It's not top secret. However, getting healthy is difficult.

Switching your diet overnight, and sticking to it for the long run, requires determination and discipline unbeknownst to men. For most, transitioning to a healthy lifestyle takes time. The passion to eat right and exercise is developed over a season. So if you're just starting out, fret not. It may seem difficult now, but it'll be second nature one day. At the moment, take it one step at a time with the first, most important step: eliminating sugar.

Disclaimer: I do consume sugar. I have a sweet-tooth - I love chocolate and ice-cream. But as I share my sugar-cutting techniques, you'll see that I consume little of this 'useless' carbohydrate without sacrificing my occasional cravings. Also, the word 'sugar' in this post refer…